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French tour 2011
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French tour 2011

As it suddenly began to spin merry-go-round under the name of a concert Tour in France. There were still many cases in Russia -we would like to recall Кабардинку, to take part in the junior Eurovision song contest -and then it's time to route the road. Training a lot. Here is dropped everything and began to teach the songs in French, prepare the repertoire of the French public. Yes there is a problem came out with guitarist -one old, the other was too young. As a result, the guitar on the tour began playing Misha Эмотаев -option is not very steep, but not bad, either. (I must say that with his task he had mastered almost brilliantly. And though not showed himself a master -but played clearly, rhythmically and tasty.) Robinsons began to walk twice a week on the courses of the French language and to touring good enough "шпрехали" -so it virtuoso "картавили and прононсили". Novelty of the tour was and participation in them girls -Ksyusha Гуломалиевой is rare, because in opposite-sex groups there are a number of problems of joint residence. The same went on tour and Danil Gilyov party 8-ended -so to speak gain experience. Financial problems were acute since the municipality had not foreseen the possible tour of the collective. And that any change in the financial plan -well, it is a change!

Finally, the plane tickets bought, the documents are prepared, the notary certified, visa and foreign passport -on his hands! апрпаратура зачехлена. Gifts purchased. French words and swirling in the language. "Шпрехен zi deutsch?" -I, I - yeah it is!" and so on. A week before the trip have yet to release four new disc with music Робиков. Two opinion album -Ksyusha and Alexei and two album pop and rock albums. Carried we have them with you -how much time to наштамповать a little less than 200. And I must say not зря. albums were in demand and at one of the concerts were sold as much as 70 pieces -is not enough. Try this yourself so much to sell at a time... So a part of the circulation managed to reprint in France. Thank you for this French friends. On their part were printed beautiful posters and programmes with annotation to each song concerts. Is almost precisely to each, as Робики at first did not change their tradition of singing "Whom I see that and sing" that is The program changed in the course of the concert -but as a rule only in the direction of increasing the number of songs. Somehow we have got accustomed in Russia sing regular concerts scheduled in regulation 1 hour 30 min. In France, the us asked to increase the length of the concerts to 2 hours and a little bit more. In spite of the experience we were nervous and a particularly difficult it was to start the concert -long thought where to start and what to attract and hold the attention of the French public, which "Neither бельмеса in Russian" , sort of. let me remind you that the difficulty was, and with the age of the audience is usually a respectable audience -young people -20-30 per cent. Here and help us classics which we have been taught the whole year. Quite by accident затесавшаяся in the repertoire of "Katyusha" -thanks to Ksyusha - we always helped the French - it is well known and immediately start to sing along and happily slap... This I digress...
Costumes - it is not clear, but abroad to them, show attention. On the one hand judging on the internet -all sing what they want. On the other hand on tour require some clothes. So the dressing room we koi what they took. Even about the ball football forgot and had to be outsourced already there -not native, like nike some.
Форум Робиков » Группа "Робинзон" » Творчество "Робинзонов". Обсуждение. » French tour 2011
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