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Some news
Some news, at last the musical. Today робики have taken part in Selection round of the All-Russia festival of a patriotic song "Dimitrievsky Saturday". Who that will tell - again патриотика... Well, first I dissuaded children to act. Last year they became Winners in two nominations and by rules now can act again only in a year. And to lose... So boys have found a way out and counter to me acted in other nominations. Vanja Ohrimenko has received today a rank of the Winner in a nomination "executors of 14-18 years". He has sung songs "Russia" and "Two steps". The commission especially liked execution of "Two steps". They already heard its execution of Vanej last year as the author, but now he has grown and has sung it even more expressively. I liked its execution of "Russia" more. (As it is a pity that I have ceased to write down performances and even to photograph.) To me it is very pleasant that each execution of children it would be desirable to make comments so they bright and impressing, натуруально on the endured... That is not learnt, and given rise and recreated on a scene. Yes, I under impression. Originally Misha has appeared with Vanej in one age subgroup, therefore children have quickly copied demands and have started Mishu in a category of authors though for this purpose it was necessary to Vane to leave urgently in a city behind soundtracks for Mishi who while sang the first song in the first round. Миша has sung "Angela" author's songs and "in the second round -" Immense объять - last to it also Vanja has echoed бэк. In a result and Misha the Winner in a category "Authors-isponiteli". Now ahead One more regional round, and then the All-Russia ending. Competition the adult, among executors of 14-35 years. Well, here so коротенько. And Robiki is possible also will play on it alive in a genre of Via if organizers give OK (I will remind, won year pass, however now in position is on the contrary written that winners pass at once on area (here understand them, organizers) new records of songs Prepare. Робики yesterday gave a concert for the Polish actors who have arrived to Ishim with tours. The day before yesterday congratulated teachers, and before veterans., and even earlier still whom that. So a life cheerful and musical. Only to study while there is no time. Yes, has still forgotten. On birthday of Iljuhi (drummer) in Simanovo the fifth structure (Maxim Filimonov) have taken active part in arbour building. Have made обрешетку roofs.

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